Chute Stop Details

How it works.

During chute assembly the Chute Stop blocks the pinch point so the operators can safely clear their hands from the area. By depressing its lever, the Chute Stop will disengage allowing the foldover chute to drop into alignment. When the foldover chute is raised a short distance, the Chute Stop will spring back to the safety position.

chute closed

If a non-employee or homeowner were severely injured by the pinch point, it could result in serious litigation. Multi-million dollar settlements are not unheard of for such incidents. The Chute Stop could reduce your risk by creating a safer working environment.

chute open


The Chute Stop is made of high quality cold drawn steel and comes complete with all of the hardware for installation, including mounting block, backing block, stainless steel spring, stainless steel bolt and nut and installation instructions.

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